About Me

As a black librarian and technologist, I try to work at the intersection of bleeding edge technologies, libraries, and issues affecting marginalized communities. I’m also a speculative fiction writer putting time and energy into crafting meaningful stories. And when I’m not doing those things, I’m either launching into an ill-advised (but oh so necessary) Netflix binge or delving into my latest video game obsession. (Currently playing (and loving / crying about) Horizon Zero Dawn.)

In my current role, I work as the Emerging Technologies Coordinator at Columbia University’s Science and Engineering Libraries. This involves researching and acquiring novel technologies for the division,  supporting the use of our Oculus Rift, Raspberry Pis, and Arduino microcontrollers by providing library instruction, and serving on the Digital Centers Working Group to assess software usage across library computers. I also teach information literacy sessions to first-year students as part of our Undergraduate Writing Program, sit on a university-wide Race, Ethnicity, and Inclusion Task Force, and am the liaison to our Physics and Astronomy departments.

Point is, my work often intersects with a variety of different disciplines. Interested in connecting? Chat with me further on Twitter!